Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Voidfang Vestments - Destiny

Destiny jacket, made from linen with cotton and wool design mirrored on the outside and inside of the tails. (Whoever at Bungie decided that all clothing in this game should have graphics on both sides is not my favorite person.) This jacket is incredibly heavy; I ended up going through about twelve yards of fabric, half of which was heavyweight linen, plus all the interfacing and about 3500 meters of thread. There's a combination of stay tape, silk, and cotton underlining reinforcing the seams and corners in the interior guts.

The tails were sewn directly to a partial underlining, which both supports the weight and keeps the torso as opaque as the tails. Which leaves this funny little abbreviated bemberg lining for the upper torso and sleeves.

The embroidered trim was a plan C (turns out digitally printed fabric is not dry cleanable, and gold silk screen ink was not opaque enough to show up on this dark gold fabric) which luckily worked out, but it took literally forty hours for my embroidery machine to stitch it all out, and every single little thread had to be clipped by hand. Then after assembly the trim had to be hand traced with an invisible stitch to get to lay nice and flat since the embroidery adds a lot of texture. (I do like how it looks, but... never again.)

Tionishia - Monster Musume